Web Site Development

Our original website was developed using conventional html coding, which was fine as long as the purpose of the site did not go beyond a simple electronic brochure. Our vision was to develop a site that would serve as a community portal sharing information about activities and resources in our local community. It soon became clear that the important task of keeping the site accurate and current would become a much larger task than we could undertake as unpaid volunteers.

Research into options revealed that 'Web 2.0' technology had introduced a whole new range of possibilities, including the concept of Content Management Systems. After extensive research and testing we selected the Joomla content management system as the platform for a new, interactive web-site.

This also opened up our awareness of Open Source initiatives and the exciting world of Creative Commons.

Once we committed to the Joomla platform we had to embark on a massive learning curve, but the investment of effort was well worthwhile because our new web-site became much more interactive, flexible and simple to maintain. It also opened up the possibility of allowing members of our community to contribute their own information about local events and to engage in on-line discussion about important issues.

Having invested in developing Joomla skills we now offer them, selectively, as a community service to local non-profit groups we wish to support, or on a chargeable basis to other enerprises as a fund-raising initiative for Transition The Grove.

Some examples:
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